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Energy is something that we constantly use—after all, it's what drives and motivates us!  You may not know it, but you use energy every day, whether you are studying, thinking, moving something, playing a sport, or even growing.  Without energy, we tend to feel tired, sluggish, unproductive, and unmotivated.

Low levels of energy make us want to lie in bed all day and do nothing.  Energy helps us keep our minds clear, focused, and on track with our goals.  Without it, our lives do not have a clear direction.  Therefore, having a healthy level of energy is essential for living a happy, productive, and fulfilling life.  Our energy levels depend on the food we eat and the way we take care of our bodies.  People with high levels of energy often function better than people with low levels of energy.

Having low levels of energy can cause us to live an unhealthy lifestyle.  First and foremost, low levels of energy cause fatigue.  When we suffer from fatigue, our work doesn't get done, whether at home, school, or work.  Fatigue also causes us to make unhealthy eating decisions because we won't feel motivated to prepare a healthy meal with fresh ingredients—we will most likely order out from a fast food restaurant or cook something out of a can, which is usually loaded with sodium and other unhealthy additives.  An unhealthy diet can also limit our intake of iron, vitamin B12, magnesium, and fatty acids, all of which provide our bodies with healthy nutrients that it transforms into energy. 

Low levels of energy also make us more tired and more tempted to drink energy drinks or sodas, both of which are artificial products that are loaded with sugar and caffeine, which can give a quick boost of energy, but actually, cause our energy levels to crash later on, the opposite effect of what we want.  It is easily possible to become addicted to caffeine and sugar, which can lead to even more health problems.  Not having enough energy in your body also leads to a decreased work ethic, lost interest in hobbies, and less time with your family or friends. 

This article looks to be the answer to helping you increase your energy in sustainable ways that leave you healthier and happier in the long run.  You will learn some natural methods for boosting your energy that you can work into your daily routine.  Also, you will learn about the top foods that you can eat for energy, as well as how to turn them into ultimate, energizing methods. 


Causes the lack of energy

We all feel run down at times. Long stressful days or a few sleepless nights can certainly have an impact. But if you feel drained and dragging all the time, it makes sense to look at some common things that might be robbing you of energy. How many of these causes of lack of energy apply to you? 

1. Sugar gives you quick energy, but once the pickup is over, you fall hard and need more. One way to combat this is to have the right types of foods with you, so you're not tempted by what's around you. A protein based snack will stabilize your blood sugar level for a few hours; try combining it with a complex carb for the quick rush of energy you need now. 

2. Caffeine can leave you tired, but wired especially if you need sleep but try to put it off with a bit of caffeine. You keep throwing off your natural wake/sleep cycle, and this does incredible, though silent, damage to the body. Try to choose decaffeinated versions of your favorite drinks and be sure to limit chocolate, which also contains caffeine. 

3. Exercising not enough or too much can cause energy loss. Not exercising means you don't give your body the chance to be energized, we're naturally more sluggish the less active we are. But just as too little is trouble, too much not only depletes our stores of energy, it breaks down muscle leaving us feeling weaker, not stronger. Over-exercising also suppresses your immune system, and this makes you less able to resist bacterial and viral infection, leaving you even more drained. 

4. Dehydration comes when you don't drink enough water for your body's needs. Water is essential for flushing out toxins, keeping tissues hydrated and our energy levels high. It's a perfect no-calorie drink that can be dressed up with orange slices or a few mint leaves. 

5. Not getting enough sleep seems obvious, but when you're tired it's hard to think of anything, much less the obvious. Not getting a good night's sleep all the time makes it more likely that you're being kept awake by stress and anxiety, illness, overstuffed schedules, caffeine, alcohol, medications (diet pills, cold/allergy remedies, asthma meds), depression or anger, even fear. To get the rest you need, you need to work on establishing a natural sleep pattern. Try...

Getting up and going to bed at the same time each day, even on weekends, holidays and while on vacation, and resist the temptation for naps unless you can take them regularly.

Create a ritual for going to sleep, keep the room you sleep in quiet, dark and not overheated. Get into bed only when you're sleepy and do nothing else there except sleep.

Keep a worry notebook where you list all your concerns - put them all down the left-hand side, and on the right, what you might do to ease these worries.

Resist temptations like alcohol, smoking, and caffeine, as all of these, will interrupt sleep patterns 

6. A negative attitude will suck the life out of you. If you change your attitude, energy levels, feelings, responses, and perspective will also change. This one rather simple choice can indeed change your life. You begin to attract opportunities, people and all manner of beautiful things into your path. 

7. Clutter and lack of organization can leave you feeling lethargic and out of energy not to mention impacting how optimistic you feel. Looking for lost/misplaced things is a constant drain. Always having to think about where things are is an exhausting mental strain. 

Make a concise "to do" list daily and work off the list, doing the most critical task first, then move on to the next. Keep going back to the list until everything is checked off. 

Divide a big task into smaller ones much easier to face and to manage, they also give you a genuine sense of accomplishment and help you work in a more manageable way toward your goal. 

Take action even if you can only impact one area do that. Set the alarm for 30 minutes and get started. You'll be amazed how quickly things can get done. 

See projects through - don't leave the mail to one side, make sure you've gone through it, even if you have to stand by the shredder/trash basket and sort it out there. 

Keep only beautiful and uplifting items, sorting through the rest and letting go of things you no longer have ties with. This is making space for the items you DO want to keep so that you can see and enjoy them. 

8. Not eating enough food can result in feeling drained, so if you're on a restricted calorie diet, your body will protect itself by adopting "starvation mode" slowing your metabolism resulting in reduced energy levels. Sensible, slow weight loss is best. Be sure you eat enough calories throughout the day. 

9. Stress, a close cousin to anxiety, can rapidly deplete your energy reserves. You need to try to communicate, compromise and solve problems. You can also try to cope by meditating, talking a walk, deep breathing as well as journaling about the top stressors of your day. By putting thoughts on paper, you're giving your brain permission to be finished with them at least for now. 

10. Low self-esteem seems an odd addition to the list, but if you're expending all your energy pleasing other people, this can be a huge energy drain. Here's what you can do: 

Don't waste time making comparisons to how you feel on the inside, and how others look on the outside. Shift your focus to yourself be more whole by having your inside match your outside and check in during the day so that you're aware of how you are feeling. 

Replace negative self-belief and words with positive statements. These affirmations should be in the present tense for example - I am worthy, or I am deserving. 

Battle jealousy by not concentrating on what you don't have, but appreciate the gifts you do have. Jealousy is a very negative. Gratitude is a far better feeling. 

11. Saying "yes" when you wish you'd said "no" is a huge energy drainer. If you spend the majority of your time on activities that leave you feeling drained, you need to look at where you're spending your energy. 

Ways to incorporate diet and exercise and the importance of good supplements.

Getting out of bed every day needs energy and sometimes determination. Getting through the day requires more energy to get all the things completed that you have scheduled for the day. A healthy diet and exercise will make you strong and healthy, but again you need the energy to make and set out that healthy meal and to do those workouts. Sometimes exercise and diet need the boost you get from an energy supplement. 

America is in the grip of an energy crisis, and everybody wants more energy to help them get through the day. Energy boosters are one of the fastest growing supplements on store shelves today and are affecting our lifestyles more than ever. More individuals are on the go nowadays than ever before, and energy boosters are a standard item for home, work, school or pleasure. Most of us think the idea of an energy booster is compelling as we always have something else to do or some place to go. 

How many incidents have you overheard it said of children, "Where do they get all that energy?". We were born with energy, but as we age our energy level declines due to nutrient deficiencies, stress, depression, fatigue, confusion or anxiety. At some time we all have felt worn down and have a lack of energy. "Getting it done" is easy to say, but without the energy, the drive doesn't get started, or completed. 

An energy supplement can be just what you’re looking for, but they can differ for each person's needs. An athlete trying to do their best has different needs than an average person just trying to get through another hectic day. You need to know what you are looking for, your physical condition and how much extra energy you need. 

An energy supplement can give you that boost to get moving again and will add hours of quality active time to your day. Our need for an energy supplement can be as different as the types of supplements that are available. What your system needs is an energy boost that will carry you through your busy day and not have any after effects. For instance, Nootropics, L-Theanine, Schizandra, ginseng etc. 

You need to find an energy pill that can provide the energy requirements you are looking for. They allow for a slow, steady release of energy as you need it, giving you the motivation to get through the day and to the gym. They will avoid the jitters you get with some energy supplements. Make sure each capsule contains a selection of vitamins and minerals that meet the requirements of an effective energy supplement; stimulants, calories and other substances that are healthy. A lack of energy can be stealing precious time from your day, and these capsules will give you energy that lasts. Your friends and siblings will be astounded at your new found energy.

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