How Schizandra Helps In Thyroid Health

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The Schizandra plant is commonly used as a food and for medicinal purposes. The property this plant has is known as an adaptogen which makes it incredibly useful in treating several conditions. Because this plant is regularly used to increase disease and stress resistance as well as energy and stamina, it can help in preventing hypothyroidism.

Schizandra is also used to protect the liver and to combat liver disease. It is the main ingredient in DBD, a liver protection drug developed by Chinese researchers and utilizes schisandrin, a chemical present in the plant. It has also been used to prevent early aging and to lengthen life, it can regulate blood sugar and blood pressure and is an immune system stimulant.

How Schizandra Works

The chemicals found in Schizandra stimulate enzymes in the liver. Enzymes are proteins that are responsible for increasing the reaction of various biochemical functions. When these enzymes stimulate the liver it creates a reaction that results in the growth of new liver cells. The new growth is vital in that it can replace non-functioning cells and lead to better liver health.

The Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism And Schizandra

When comparing the list of benefits and ways in which schizandra can help with your health you will find an interesting trend. Virtually all of the conditions that this ‘adaptogen’ plant can assist in correcting happen to be symptoms of an underactive thyroid. For example, Schizandra is used to improve mental performance. The extract can be taken by mouth in this instance and results in clear thinking and focus. Hypothyroidism hampers the thought process and creates irritability.

Schizandra is an effective remedy for addition hypothyroidism-like symptoms including but not limited to the regulation of high cholesterol, sleeping disorders, menstrual conditions including treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and physical exhaustion. Schizandra is also known to be effective in treating depression, improving vision, boosting energy, combating asthma and coughing as well as improving adrenal gland health.

Dosages For Schizandra

As Schizandra is a plant that is considered an adaptogen, it can produce many different results in many different people. This means that if someone you know has positive results using it specifically to treat a symptom of hypothyroidism, it does not mean you will have the same. However, as an adaptogen, this plant can treat many different conditions regardless.

The recommended dose for improving mental conditions as well as physical performance is a measurement of between 500mg and 2 g of extract per day or 1.5 to 6 g of crude schizandra taken on a daily basis. You can also make a tea using 5 to 15 g per day of crude schizandra. Some individuals have had success with a dosage of 100mg of extract consumed on a daily basis.

There is also some research that verifies the effectiveness of schizandra in improving nearsightedness in children. The results indicate that a solution containing this plant can improve vision in children if applied over a period of 20 to 24 days. This is not a remedy to correct progressive nearsightedness and should not be considering for use as if it was one nor should it be used to replace any other form of vision care.

Also, some research shows that pneumonia can be effectively treated over a period of 10 to 15 days with a combination of schizandra mixed with rhodiola and Siberian ginseng. The results indicate that using this twice a day can reduce the need for antibiotics and also increases the quality of life of those suffering from the conditions.

See Your Doctor First if;

As a precaution, pregnant and nursing mothers should not use schizandra as there is some evidence that points to it possibly causing contractions in the uterus which could lead to a miscarriage. If you are suffering from gastroesophageal reflex disease (GERD) you should also refrain from using this plant as a remedy for any of the conditions mentioned above. As schizandra may stimulate the central nervous system, epileptics should also avoid using this product.

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